Sirloin Steak

Individual Sirloin Steak

Our Surrey Beef sirloin steak has a thin fat layer on top for flavour, it's succulent and juicy, this steak will not disappoint.
This steak is 21+ days matured on the bone before we butcher it down in house.

Weight Price Quantity
5-6oz £7.31
6-7oz £8.51
7-8oz £9.72
8-9oz £10.96
9-10oz £12.17
10-11oz £13.37
11-12oz £14.62

Cooking tips

Remove from the fridge at least 20 minutes before cooking.
Sear on both sides until browned, internal temperature should be :
49 - rare
54 - medium rare
60 - medium
65 - medium well
68+ - well done

Ingredients & Allergens     

English Surrey beef