Minted butterflied leg of lamb

Minted butterflied English leg of lamb

English Butterflied leg of lamb that has been hung on the bone for 5+ days. 1.2kg+ leg of lamb prepared by our Butcher, de-boned, and butterflied into the characteristic flat shape. In a Gluten Free Garden mint marinade to give it a deep rich mint flavor. Serves 5+ people.

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One £29.99

Cooking tips

Remove from the fridge 30 minutes before cooking. <br>
Season to your preference and cook at 180 for approximately 1 hour. <br>
This cut is also brilliant for the bbq, cook on a high heat for 45 minutes to an hour, turning occasionally.

Ingredients & Allergens     

Ingredients: Sugar, Maltodextrin, Salt, Corn Flour, Citric Acid, Yeast Extract (contains Salt), Herb: Mint (rubbed)(4%), Tomato Powder, Thickening Agent, Paprika Extract, Flavouring, Spice: White Pepper (ground). Gluten Free