Dopson Butchers are keen to provide the complete package and have numerous condiments to compliment our raw meats.

Home Farm provides us with stocks, gravies, sauces of all kinds from apple to curry. They also make mustards, jellies, chutneys, pickles and jams. Made in Oxfordshire.

Ouse Valley Foods locally based in Sussex produce some beautiful jellies. mint, blackcurrent, rosemary, cranberry, elderflower, thyme, red chilli, red chilli and ginger to name just a few.

Chili Queen is made in Streatley near Reading. Another local company producing chilli jellies including cranberry chilli, hot chilli, mint chilli, coriander and shallot chilli, ginger and lime, sun dried tomato and balsamic vinegar and chilli. They also do a chilli tomato ketchup and scotch bonnet sauce.

The Cherry Tree This is a company that we discovered at a local food fair. They are based in Windsor and produce beautiful jams chutneys and also a range of very popular Cheddars with various flavours the best seller being the scorcher.

The Garlic Farm is based on the Isle of Wight they are open to the public and it makes a great day out. They provide us with fresh Isle of Wight garlic bulbs, smoked garlic and elephant garlic. They also make chutneys and sauces all with a hint of garlic. They are well known for their hot vampire arrange and the ‘blow your head off’ dragons blood with chilli and garlic.

Ouse Valley Foods