Our Meat Suppliers

Surrey Beef

This fantastic beef is prepared using traditional methods and is hung on the carcass for 21-28 days before it arrives to us. Not only does this give the most incredible flavour but it ensures tender, quality beef every single time. You will not be disappointed! Our topside roasting joints and ribeye steaks come highly recommended.

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Creedy Carver and Springfield Poultry

Creedy Carver and Springfield Poultry supplies are chickens. Creedy Carver from Crediton, Devon and Springfield are situated in Leominster, Hereford. They both have fantastic quality Free Range chickens which are reared for a longer time period, this allows them to mature slowly and develop a natural fat layer which helps keep the meat succulent and juicy. They are then hung and dry plucked rather than wet plucked which gives a richer flavour and not full of water

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Free Range Lamb

Lamb - Our Free Range lambs come from a variety of southern based farms, we are very particular with the size and grade of lamb we get in. We want our lambs to have the right layer and marbling of fat to give an incredible flavour and strive to give you the best possible product. We also stock Salt Marsh Lamb from the Gower in Wales, this lamb is world famous for its flavour and we guarantee it will blow you away. You can ask in store when we have this available.

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Orchard Farm Pork

These happy Free Range pigs are reared in Ipswich on the banks of the river Alde. We use this meat for our roasting joints which we de-bone and tie with the skin on, this provides great crackling and the natural fat layer helps give the most mouth watering, succulent meat possible. We also use this for making our sausages, we take this very seriously as sausage making is a much under appreciated art. Our sausages have a 85+% meat content and we stock a variety of flavours ranging from our most popular, Crowthorne classics, Welsh dragon and Cumberland too more exotic flavours like Cheese & Marmite or Smokey Maple and Chilli. We rotate our flavours so remember to ask what we have in store that week

Featured Pork Products

Many people feel butchers are expensive but buying cheap can be a false economy. Shopping with us you can buy the exact quantity you need, this helps cut down on waste and means you only pay for what you require. The fact that our meat comes in hung means that it has already slightly shrunk, this is a bonus to you as it means our products shrink much less when cooking than many supermarket products. We are aware that some people need to stick to a strict budget so feel free to ask us for some alternative cuts and how to best make use of them. We also created some budget packs which offer great value for you to batch cook or freeze down.

Whilst we may charge A-LITTLE more than supermarkets you get A-LOT more for your money whilst reducing your Carbon Footprint. Recently the environmental impact of meat has become more apparent, it is something we cannot shy away from, but by using local produce, with less food miles, from smaller farms which use traditional practices. We are also committed to using less plastic packaging and are encouraging customers to bring their own containers so we can keep waste as low as possible.