The Dopson Reward Card

Earn Free Tasty Rewards

We have a reward system, which is simple to join – Simply fill out a short form next time you visit the shop and for 50p we’ll register your card there and then and add points for your purchases. Then present your card each time you shop and keep building those points! Every £1 you spend is worth 1 point.

When claiming please order, if possible, on or call 01344 750074

Choose any one option from your chosen category

300 Reward Points
  • 6 sausages of your choice

600 Reward Points. Please choose one of the following:
  • 1 x Large Pie
  • Chicken Stir Fry for two
  • 2 x Chicken Products Tikka, Piri Piri, BBQ or Honey and Mustard
  • 500g Dry Cured Back Bacon

1200 Reward Points. Please choose one of the following:
  • 900g Beef Stir fry for
  • Breakfast for 6 (6 Sausages, 12 Back Bacon, 12 Eggs)
  • Large Barn Chicken
  • 900g Topside joint
  • Banger Box

2500 Reward Points. Please choose one of the following:
  • COOK Main meal for 4 and Roulade/Pavlova of your choice
  • 800g Rib eye as a joint or cut into steaks.
  • BBQ Packs Choice of Dopson’s Favourite or Spicy Selection
  • Ambient Hamper contents of choice up to £30.
  • 1kg Prepared Rib of Beef on the bone
  • Meat Pack:- 600g Mince, 4 Chicken Fillet, Chicken Stir fry for 4, 1kg Gammon
  • 4 kg Pork Shoulder Boneless
  • Couples Pack:- 350g Mince, 2 Chicken Products, 500g Chicken Stir Fry, 5 Crowthorne Classics,
  • 2 Barnsley chop
Dopson Butchers Reward Card

How many points do I earn?

You earn a point for every pound you spend. Occasionally we’ll offer extra points for special promotions.

How do you use my information?

Any information you provide remains strictly private, we will not share it with anyone. We simply use your email address to contact you regarding the scheme, and to inform you of any current promotions.

How many points do I have?

You’ll receive a welcome email within 10 days of signing up to the scheme which will display your balance, after that you’ll get an email every month, detailing your balance along with details of what you can spend it on. Alternatively, you can just bring your card to the shop and we’ll be happy to check for you.

Will there be any changes to the scheme?

We reserve the right to change the scheme at any time, however we strive to ensure that this is minimal and in favour of our loyal customers.

I’ve not received any emails?

Check your spam! Emails are sent out automatically by our computer system, spam is circulated using similar systems, so some email providers may flag the emails as spam. Please mark the emails as not spam, and add to your contacts. Still not receiving anything? Ask in-store and we’ll double check we have the right email address on our system.

I lost my card!

Don’t panic we’ll have a record of your balance on our system, simply pop into the shop and we’ll fix you up with a new one.

We need two cards?

If more than one person in your household needs a card we will happily add the points together to redeem your reward. Please bring in both cards when you want to redeem your rewards.

I forgot to bring my card in store?

We can sign your receipt to collect your points on your next visit.